Mark Stallard
Kansas City

Bio: I’ve been a writer for a long time, and when it hits me the right way, I like blogging. As the author of more than a dozen sports-related books, it’s easy to say I love the games. But I also like to look beyond the playing fields and find a nice balance, which is why I’ve expanded into the world of fiction by writing a novel. So—in addition to all of my published work, I’ve been an editor, tech writer, marketing communications contributor, ghost writer, proposal writer, printing press operator, security guard, and most importantly, a diaper changer. A few personal things. It’s not always easy telling people I meet I’m from Kansas—the Wizard of Oz crap is always new to everyone but Kansans. But since it’s the state's identity, I'll relax and be glad my name isn't Dorothy. Here's a rave review for my KC Chiefs Encyclopedia, released a few years ago (before Mahamoes): "While Pro Football Reference.com has a wider scope in some categories, this book contains much that is not there, like extensive team records. A recommended pleasure for Chiefs loyalists." Some of my other books include Legacy of Blue: Kansas City Royals History and Trivia, SUPER CHIEFS, Tales from the Jayhawks Locker Room, AFL to Arrowhead, Wildcats to Powercats, Then Landry Said to Staubach...., and Otis Taylor: Football from My Own Heart.

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